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 Rehearsal room       

Rehearsal rooms for music


If you are looking for one  rehearsal room in Rome  to rehearse with your band you will find a comfortable and professional environment with us. The room acoustics have been treated to restore balanced listening. Equipped with pyramidal sound absorbers to reduce reverberation time and control the mid / high frequencies, bass traps to avoid low rumble and reflective walls to prevent the sound from becoming dull and unreal inside the room. We have rooms of different sizes, from the smallest to the  individual study of the instrument (4 m2) to the rehearsal room for band (25 m2).

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Rehearsal rooms for dance and theater


It is the room dedicated to professionals or amateurs of the art of acting or dance, conceived as a reproduction of a stage's theatre, set up with black curtains and white walls to seek the maximum neutrality of the environment. The theater rehearsal room is 60 square meters, entirely in parquet, equipped with RGB colored lights, air conditioning, sound system, space behind the curtains for actors / dancers. If you are looking for one  theater rehearsal room in Rome  welcoming and professional, come and visit us and you will tell us, after seeing it, if it is right for you.

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